The music and dance of Bachata was inscribed in December 2019 as part of UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This recent development in international recognition and celebration of the genre is an important and positive step in its history, given the stigma and marginalization that coloured the early years of its development (K. Borg).

Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata conceptions explores the Bachata dance in the narrative of H. Tumblin (2020) : I spent more time in this dance community. I learned a new framework in which body movements and actions could physically portray femininity and sensuality. I educated myself on these new ideas through my engagement with the music, movement, and culture surrounding bachata and relied on my new sense of embodiment to create unique interactions with my partners on the dance floor. As my dance skills and familiarity with the music increased, so did my confidence. This transformation of self was a very positive one for me. The dance allows for an increased level of both physical and emotional connection between partners. During this tactile experience, the boundaries of one body and another conjoin, links the skin not only contains the physical boundary of each individual; it locates the body within a context, in a sense of the body’s interior versus exterior.This is a professional dance that allows us first discover our boby. And then enjoy the freedom of life in Amsterdam : welcome to paradise of Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata

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Event Volunteers are very important to our organization, and play key roles at our events.  If you are interested in discounted and even FREE access to our event(s), fill out the application below.

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As our organization and events continue to grow, so does the need for new Board Members.  We are seeking serious candidates who understand and support our Mission Statement at all times to assist and/or take lead positions on the Board.  We are currently needing positions in Community Events, Corp Sponsorship, Grants, Legal, Advertisement, Monthly Socials, Facilities, Registration and Scholarship Events; but open to recommendations. If you are interested in the decision side of our organization, fill out the application below.


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