Performance FAQs




  • ALL Applications are due by October 31st.
  • Submit one (1) application PER PERFORMANCE (not team).
  • IMPORTANT!  A link to your performance is REQUIRED!  Even if it’s a rough practice run.  No exceptions!
  • A copy of the application will be emailed to the Primary Contact upon submitting request.



  • All performances must be approved to perform.  If you paid before your application was submitted and your performance is not approved, your pass will be transferred to an ALL NIGHTS PASS or equivalent value.
  • All approved teams will be notified by the 1st or 2nd week in November.
  • Upon approval, the REGISTRATION will send an acceptance email.
  • If you do NOT receive a payment link from Registration within 2-3 weeks, please do NOT fill out another application.  Contact the Registration directly using our Contact Form.
  • You CAN email this payment link to each of your dancers, but we HIGHLY recommend making one payment and registering the team in one transaction.  IMPORTANT!  Performance Name and Song Title must all MATCH to avoid confusion!



  • REGISTRATION handles all the registration and the payment processes.
  • For teams that qualify for the additional discount, payment instructions will be emailed to the main contact and any person listed on the roster if their email is submitted.
  • Approved applicants have until November 30th to make FULL payment for ALL dancers.
  • Once expired, you can still complete your registration but at FULL price applies.
  • If full payment is not received by December 15th, a Late Fee will apply.
  • Performers Pass include up to 2 PERFORMANCES.  Additional performances may be purchased for an additional $25 each.



  • Please bring an electronic or paper copy to Registration on the day of the event with a valid PHOTO ID.
  • Performers can pick up their passes when Registration opens only.
  • You can NOT pick up passes for teammates.
  • All Passes will be placed on the LEFT wrist for security reasons.  No exceptions.  Ankle placement is for PROFESSIONALS only.
  • Abusing this system is considered theft.  Any person caught using a Performers Pass and not performing or approved by HSD, will be immediately escorted out of the building by security, and banned from all future HSD sponsored AND possibly partnering events.


Because we are a non-profit organization, we must require the same terms from every team.

  • Performances must be UNDER 3 minutes!
  • Applications without links will be DENIED!  Your Video does not have to be high quality but it will be used to consider SATURDAY performances.
  • FULL TEAM ROSTER with performers is required. Email us any updated rosters, .
  • Music must have been acquired from a LEGAL source, and UPLOADED from our website.
  • Offensive language must be edited out since our audience may include children under 18 years old.
  • If you do not have a link to your performance and wish to keep it private, open a FREE 2 GIG Dropbox account as stated below.

About Your REQUIRED Video:

  1. Sign Up for a free account (2 gigs).  You will be asked to download the App to your phone or to your computer.  You do NOT have to download the program to your computer.  Once you verify your email address, simply go to and sign in.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. Click on the SHARE button to the right of the title of your video.
  4. Click on “Create a Link”, and then “Copy Link”
  5. Paste that link in the Performance Link field on your application.
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