• BUYER:  Person whose name transaction is under.
  • TICKET HOLDER:  Person whose name ticket is under.
  • PAYPAL / SQUAREUP:  Banking system , Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB).
  • uses to process transactions.
  • PASS / WRISTBANDS / TICKETS:  All the same.  Required for entry into event by staff and security.
    • GENERAL ADMISSION:  Tickets sold to general public.
      • FULL EVENT PASS:  4-Day/Night pass includes workshops, performances, concerts and social dancing.
      • NIGHT PASS:  Includes night performances, concert and social dancing for one single night.
      • GROUP PASS:  Group passes are Full Event Passes purchased in bulk at a discounted rate.
      • VIP UPGRADE:  Includes seating in the front section of the auditorium during performances.
      • WORKSHOP PASS:  Access to workshops during the day/night.
      • SHOW-ONLY TICKET:  Tickets for Matinee Showcase are for on Saturday or Sunday Matinee Schedule only.
    • PERFORMERS PASS:  Same as Full Event Pass plus Ticket Holder gets to perform an approved routine on an approved team.
    • KIDS PERFORMER PASS:  Same as Performers Pass for ticket holders 16 years of age and under.


  1. All Sales are Final.  No Refunds. Name change 25€ (last day will be annonce on social media)
  2. PayPal or Credit Card Disputes:  Before you file a Dispute, contact us first.  ALL credit card transactions will be denied by our organization on anyone who files a dispute with our organization and will be subject to cash only transactions at full price.  No exceptions!
  3. FRAUDULENT and/or SHARING passes is unacceptable and prohibited by our organization.  If anyone is caught with a pass that is NOT in the Ticket Holder name, one of our Police Officers will remove the pass, you will be escorted out of the event and possibly banned from any future sponsored Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) events.
  4. If you pass comes off, please bring it to Registration for a replacement at no charge.  If you lose your pass, there will be Service Fee to replace it.
  5. EVERYONE is a VOLUNTEER.  Please be courteous and kind.  Our Volunteers have no authority and will only perform the duties asked of them by their Committee Head.  If you are being disruptive and disrespectful, you could be removed from the event without a refund.
  6. We have a “One Pass Per Person” policy.  This is for security purposes.  BUYERS may purchase more than one pass, but each TICKET HOLDER must be unique even though our ticketing system, allows duplicates during registration.  If you do not know the names of your guest(s)/group, use your name and email with “(GUEST1), (GUEST2)…” after the Last Name.  Guests must be present to collect pass.
  7. The BUYER or TICKET HOLDER may request a change or transfer but must be made directly on our website.  Email requests will not be accepted.
  8. Registration will not be able to “hand out” passes or place on “Will Call”.  Registration is the only one who can place wristbands on a guest.
  9. Wristbands must be placed on the LEFT wrist to ensure you do not have issues with our Police Officers and Security.
  10. Wristbands must be worn at all times during the course of the event.  Lost or Removed wristbands will incur a Service Fee and requires proof of purchase.  If you have to remove them due to work, you will need to contact Registration by December 1st so we can try and accommodate your circumstances.  If not, we recommend that you purchase INDIVIDUAL passes to avoid a Service Fee.
  11. Minors are required to stay in the presence of his/her guardian at all times.  A Minor is someone under the age of 18 years of age.
  12. If you have a disability, please make sure you contact the hotel and Registration by December 31st for recommendations and possible accommodations.  The hotel does not allow the use of certain elevators on certain floors UNLESS you have a medical reason.  Please communicate that need to Security or the Volunteer stationed near the elevator / stairs.
  13. Front section of auditorium is reserved for VIP upgrades.  Seats are limited.
  14. All complimentary VIP Upgrades will expire 30 minutes AFTER performances start.
  15. CHILDREN UNDER 17 AND UNDER will NOT be permitted into the event after the Night Performances.  No one under 18 years of age is permitted in the Bachata and Kizomba Rooms.  No one under 18 years of age will be allowed to roam the event floor during evening hours without constant guardianship and without prior consent.
  16. Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) Dancers, Inc. and its affiliates, volunteers and Board Members are NOT responsible for any personal items lost, stolen or damaged.  Please lock all valuables in your car, hotel room or leave at home.
  17. Any lost item(s) will be left with the hotel Lost and Found each night.  Please contact the hotel front desk for more information.  Any item(s) found that are considered unsuitable for our Volunteers to manage will be discarded.  Ex: soiled clothing.  We recommend that you bring a plastic bag to place your item(s) in.
  18. Guests must abide by hotel policies at all times.  If we want to be invited back, we all must follow the hotel rules and respect its staff members.     
  19.  Bachata Dancers, Inc. and its affiliates, volunteers and Board Members are NOT responsible for any towed or damaged vehicles.  Please contact hotel to confirm parking for event.


If the Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) Congress is cancelled due to events outside of LDAB’s control, any purchased pass will automatically be transferred to the next future event at equal or lesser value.  Attendees purchase passes with this understanding, and that there is a No Refund policy.

Attendees also understand that they must and will abide by City, County, State and/or Federal health regulations.


  1. General Policies apply.
  2. All sales are final.  No refunds. Name change 25€ 
  3. FRAUDULENT PURCHASES and/or SHARING passes is unacceptable and prohibited by our organization and considered theft.  If anyone is caught with a pass that is NOT in the Ticket Holder name, and/or if anyone is caught purchasing a Performers Pass without LDAB approval, one of our Police Officers will remove the pass, you will be escorted out of the event, and possibly banned from any future LDAB, Inc. sponsored and, possibly, partnered events.  DIRECTORS will be notified of the violation.  If multiple violations occur from one team, the TEAM is in jeopardy of being banned as well.  We HIGHLY encourage DIRECTORS to guide their team members in proper Congress etiquette.  Dancers work extremely hard to earn a performer’s discount and provide entertainment.
  4. Duplicate applications will be void, ignored and deleted.
  5. A “PERFORMERS” wristband must be worn on the LEFT wristband at all times in order to gain access to the event and to perform for uniformity and security purposes.  No “General Admissions” wristbands will be permitted backstage or to perform.
  6. If you purchased a “General Admissions” Full Event Pass or Full Night Pass and later decided to perform, we will do a one-time, no-charge, ticket type transfer to a Performers Pass or VIP Performers Pass under the same ticket holder name.  If your team has already been approved, CLICK HERE to make your request.  Single Night pass do not qualify for transfer and the value can not be transferred (recommend selling or giving to someone else).  Once the request is sent, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions.  Bring that confirmation email to Registration.  If time permits, a Volunteer will manually transfer your General Pass to a Performer Pass.
  7. The BUYER or TICKET HOLDER may request a change or a transfer but it must be made directly on our website.  Email requests will not be accepted.
  8. If a performer is NO LONGER performing, the BUYER or TICKET HOLDER can…
    1. Request the ticket be transferred to another PERFORMER (service fee must be paid; must be PERFORMING); or
    2. Request a Ticket Type change with the “purchased value” of the Performers Pass being applied to the balance of a General Admission pass.
    3. If it was due to an emergency, dancer is required to email Registration PRIOR to the event for a POSSIBLE exception to have the value of the pass transferred to the next year only.
  9. Because we order wristbands based on the number sold, if you take off your wristbands for any reason, including a photo shoot, you will be charged a Service Fee to have it replaced.  It is important that you communicate with Registration at the event PRIOR to such occurrence.
  10. Full payment from an entire team must be made on or before November 3oth to purchase at the Promotional price.  Late Fee(s) will apply after December 15th.
  11. If payment is not received by the December 15th deadline, your team is at risk of being removed from the line-up.
  12. Each approved team/couple will be guaranteed one performance at the Houston Salsa Congress.  Multiple performances by the same team will be approved on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.  Contact the Artistic Committee with details prior to filling out another application.
  13. Individuals can perform up to TWO (2) times on different teams per ticket purchase.  Up to FOUR (4) performances may be allowed with additional pass purchase, but solos and time slots are still subject to approval.
  14. A link to your performance is required so that we can schedule accordingly.  Incomplete applications will automatically be scheduled to Thursday Night.
  15. Due to the high volume of applications, all Student Beginner teams are automatically assigned to Matinee Shows, but the Artistic Committee will review each video submitted for qualified Night performances.  TIP: Send your best performance.  LDAB offers discounted Friends & Family discounts for all Matinee Shows.
  16. Approval and Payment Process:
    1. Team applications are due no later than May 30st.
      NOTE:  Applications received after May 30st, are subject to a service & late fee(s).
    2. Registration will email the PRIMARY CONTACT a payment link to all approved performances the first/second week of June.
    3. All Payments are due by June 30th or late fee(s) apply.
    4. Once payment(s) is(are) received, ticketing information will be emailed to the MAIN CONTACT to distribute to their team.


  1. All sales are final.  No Refunds. Name change 25€
  2. Performers 17 years of age and under at the time of the application, are eligible to participate in the LDAB Kids Performance Program with discounted performance passes.  Discounts are determined on an annual bases.
  3. Registration has the right to request additional proof and/or deny a Kids Performance Pass to anyone they feel does not meet the age requirement if proof can not be verified.
  4. If a team performed during the Matinee Showcase and then later invited to also perform during the Prime Time Showcase, no additional costs for performers is owed.  If parents purchased a Matinee ticket, they can apply the value of the Matinee to the performance night (ex: Matinee pass cost $25 and Night cost $50; child was invited to dance at night; amount owed is $25 with proof of purchase).
  5. Kid Passes do NOT include evening entry.  No one under the age of 18 will be allowed entry into the evening event without a parent.  Kids will not be allowed to roam the ballroom floors a night without a parent.


  1. All sales are final.  No refunds. Name change 25€
  2. MATINEE Showcases are on Saturday or Sunday during the day.
  3. Once the shows end, all MATINEE and SHOW-ONLY ticket holders must exit to the 2nd floor.
  4. Matinee and Show-Only ticket holders must keep their passes on them at all times as proof of purchase.


To ensure that not only your performance is a success, but that other performances are as well.  Improper music formats can cause embarrassment and delays for the entire night’s event.  It’s important to follow the requirements below:

  1. No profanity is allowed!  Music must be family-friendly.
  2. Music must have been legally obtained.
  3. Performance cannot be longer than three (3) minutes.
  4. Music must be emailed (instructions will be sent).
  5. A link to upload music will be included with your approval email.


  • Volunteers are a direct reflection of the Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) Dancers,  organization.  You must be polite and professional to all guests at all times.  If a problem arises, contact the Volunteer Committee Lead immediately.  If a situation is serious, immediately inform one of the police officers or security THEN contact the Volunteer Committee Lead or a near-by Board Member.
  • You must work the hours assigned to you to earn your awarded hours.
  • Awarded hours will be used to purchase current Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB)
  • Congress passes according to what is listed on the Volunteer Page.
  • You must report to the Volunteer Committee Lead 15 minutes prior to your schedule for your assignment.
  • When your shift has ended, you must again report to the Volunteer Committee Lead BEFORE leaving.
  • NEVER leave your post unless the Volunteer Committee Lead instructs you to.
  • If you must leave your post, contact the Volunteer Committee Lead through text, a call or through person-to-person message letting them know the circumstances.
  • Each Volunteer will receive a special lanyard.  This lanyard must be worn at ALL times in order to get pass security.  All lanyards are required to be turned in at the end of your shift.
  • If you are unable to fulfill your duties, we understand and invite you to purchase your pass instead.
  • ONLY the Volunteer Committee Lead has the authority to assign and reassign a Volunteer.  If your assignment is completed prior to your shift ending, report to the Volunteer Committee Lead for reassignment.
  • If the Volunteer Committee Lead does not find you at your assigned post, you will be invited to just purchase your pass and any awarded hours will be null and void.
  • Critical positions may be offered a hotel room.  No one other than those assigned to the room are allowed in the room.  Parties are not permitted.  Giving your key to anyone not authorized is not permitted.  Any damages and incidentals will be charged to the Volunteer’s credit card on file at check-in.


  • When you enter the Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata Congress (“LDABC”), you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur.
  • By entering the event premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by LDABC and its affiliates and representatives. Images, photos and/or videos may be used to promote similar LDABC events in the future, highlight the event and exhibit the capabilities of LDABC. You release LDABC, its officers, volunteers, and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication and use of interviews, photographs, computer images, video and/or or sound recordings.
  • By entering the event premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use, exhibition, streaming, web casting, televising, or other publication of these materials, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such use, exhibiting, broadcasting, web casting, or other publication irrespective of whether a fee for admission or sponsorship is charged. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by LDABC or the person or entity designated to do so by LDABC.


  • REGISTRATION:  Manages all aspects of ticketing including payments and the registration process for general admission, performers, staff and guests.  Manages Registration room during event.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT:  Manages all aspects of web presence including site design, registration process, accounts and operations.
  • ARTISTIC COMMITTEE:  Manages the scheduling, the review and approval process of all performers.
  • VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE:  Manages the selection and scheduling of all volunteers.
  • SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE:  Manages the review, approval and awarding of all scholarships.
  • SECURITY:  Badged LDABC Police Department officers and security hired to monitor event, protect and enforce policies.
  • FACILITIES:  Manages the set up and maintenance of the Ballrooms and Workshops.
  • TRANSPORTATION:  Manages the scheduling of all guest transportation.
  • TECHNICAL OPERATIONS:  Manages the technical operations of the event.
  • VENDOR RELATIONS:  Manages all vendors at event.
  • MARKETING:  Manages marketing for the organization and event including printed material, creating promotions, etc…
  • HOSPITALITY:  Manages the needs of LDAB guests and performers as well as VIP Seating.
  • MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Manages the selection and scheduling of bands and DJs for event.
  • CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP:  Manages and maintains organizational relationships with corporate donors.
  • MERCHANDISER:  Manages the purchase and selling of all official LDAB merchandise.


  • The above policies, statements, and site content are subject to change upon the discretion of Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) Dancers.
  • In the event that a product on our site is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect product information due to typographical error or an error in pricing or product information, Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata (LDAB) Dancers, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for such product. Further, Latin Dreams Amsterdam Bachata   Dancers,  shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase of items with erroneous pricing or product information, and the order is canceled,  (LDAB) will issue a FULL credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge.
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